Profile Builder – Create a winning profile and learn the essentials of LinkedIn


Profile Builder is an online starter course* that show you the steps to creating a winning profile that’s optimised for Google and LinkedIn searches – work at your own pace and create an attractive profile that connects with your target audiences.

*This is the first part of the full LinkedIn Success Blueprint course

Product Description

LinkedIn is all about creating a great first impression and this course shows you how to create a winning profile and develop the digital skills needed to make yourself attractive to your target audience.

Please note this is only the Profile Builder section of our training program.  This step-by-step approach show you how to create an attractive profile that is optimised for Google and LinkedIn searches and that instantly connects with profile visitors.

People who go through the Profile Builder training program achieve;

Greater visibility

A profile that really ‘sells’ them to their target audience

A grounding in the essential skills and etiquette of LinkedIn

This online training course also shows you how to build your LinkedIn profile and avoid some of the common mistakes. It’s a follow and do system and process that delivers results!

Additional Information

How it is delivered

You will get instant access to our online platform and the Profile Builder course of lessons including downloads, videos and specific explanations, You can login and out as often as you want and work through at your own pace,


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