LinkedIn is the MOST powerful tool for obtaining more clients, referrals and go-to status

LinkedIn Myths Busted!

The LinkedIn Success Blueprint is a systemised process that will give you the ability to run a highly effective business development program using LinkedIn that is results orientated.

It’s easy to learn and easy to implement.

It shows you exactly what you need to do and when to get massive success on LinkedIn.

You can adapt your program to suit your specific needs and goals

Designed for the busy professional

The system has been tried and tested on real people just like you…….. and proven to work and be highly effective.

It will also give you a great sense of empowerment.

The LinkedIn Success Blueprint is easy to learn and easy to implement into your busy day.

You can choose your level of engagement.

The system is mapped out as follows (to the right)

You can see from a visual perspective, there is a very clear process to learning and implementing the LinkedIn Success Blueprint.

There are 3 key drivers to the system;

Profile Builder

Funnel Builder

Communication Builder 

I know having trained many people like you, that you are pressed for time. This course has been designed so you can progress quickly with minimal effort.

LinkedIn provides you with a unique tool box and many opportunities.

All it takes is a little effort from you, and some help and direction from me.

Linkedin training Process steps overlay

The system can be explained by summarising it in 3 main categories

linkedin profile

You never get a second chance to make a first good impression
Your profile is currently searchable…….. and it’s most likely being viewed at this very moment
But does it really reflect well on you and your business?
Is it optimised to rank high on Google for your expertise?
Does it encourage professionals to network with you or does it drive them away?
Is it truly conveying the value of your skills and how you help clients?
Profile Builder will help you build a great profile which nurturers trust and credibility
This is the key ingredient of success on LinkedIn
You will look good online and you will begin to rank highly in search engines for your skills.

linkedin funnel builder

Create network environments within LinkedIn
Learn how to segment and develop your network
Build groups or as we call them Funnels, so you can ‘work’ your connections
Segment your funnels to further target sub groups with relevance and authenticity
Discover how to target decision makers and connections you are trying to contact
Direct LinkedIn to locate targets for you
Implement a simple connection strategy to guarantee connectivity
Understand how to manage your connectivity
Apply the rules of the natural laws of Conversion
Banish Social Selling from your mind-set


linkedin comms builder

Discover how to nurture a relationship the LinkedIn Success Blueprint way
Learn how to maintain a relationships that normally gets lost or falls off your radar screen
Apply systems and processes to generate attention and engagement
Apply systems and processes to power up your coverage (amplification)
Choose between a light or heavy user… or somewhere inbetween
Track you daily rituals and become self accountable
Learn how to generate content that is going to get you noticed
Discover how to repurpose and leverage content
ROI; measure your performance, accountability and success scorecard
Keep you focused and accountable

Putting it all together

Linkedin training Process steps overlay copy

The LinkedIn Sweet Spot

The LinkedIn Success Blueprint sweet spot is a unique combination and blend of Profile, Funnel and Communication Builder

By keeping the system simple and focused in these three key area’s you will begin to see a return on your investment in terms of time, activity, costs and results.

You will have opportunities to engage new business

From nowhere you will get referrals

You will begin to own the expert space for your expertise

The other key behind the LinkedIn Success Blueprint sweet spot is



LinkedIn is like a gym; you will only benefit by knowing what you Miles low resare doing, how to implement it and show up on a regular basis.

Good luck, I wish you every success



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