High Value High Impact One-Day Workshop

The LinkedIn Success Blueprint is a business development system that has selected key areas of the LinkedIn platform to give you a simple easy to use but highly effective business development tool.

Once you have mastered the three key areas; Profile Builder, Funnel Builder and Communication Builder and begin to work the three areas you will find the LinkedIn sweet spot and begin to see the results.

How this will help you achieve your goals

The LinkedIn Success Blueprint workshop will give you:

More Prospects

More Clients

More Referrals

Recognition as the go-to expert in your field

High visibility, high Google rankings for your key search words and more traffic to your website

The LinkedIn Success System also shows you how to keep well organised and in regular contact with your connections. It’s a follow and do system and process, with performance measurements built in, so you can keep track of your activity and successes.

LinkedIn training

All the hard work has been done for you.

The effectiveness of using LinkedIn as a business development tool will give you back control and save you a lot of time you would normally lose pursuing less effective business development strategies.

Typically it eases the stresses and tensions of meeting sales targets and business development goals.

It has been designed for you. The LinkedIn Success Blueprint has been crafted and tested on hundreds of clients over the last 5 years and continually updated in real time with the latest LinkedIn platform.

It is a tried, tested and proven system.

Who should attend?

Business Development Professionals

Sales Professionals

Marketing Professionals

Anyone that needs to win new business

Anyone in client services

Anyone that needs to promote their business

Those seeking jobs or career development


You have LinkedIn but don’t know what to do?

You want LinkedIn to work for you

You’re struggling with winning new business

You need a quick  business development fix

You need direction on how to get real results

You think LinkedIn is hard to learn

You’re keen to invest in your career

Workshop Overview

  • Preparation

    Essential prep to maximise impact of training

  • The Workshop Day

    Working through the LinkedIn Success Blueprint

  • Post Workshop Support

    Help is on hand to ensure you achieve success

The High Value High Impact is called that for a very good reason, as it is results orientated and delivers.

Pre Workshop Preparation

Two weeks prior to the Workshop Day…

You will get access to our online platform, The LinkedIn Success Blueprint, containing over 50 lessons including downloads, videos and detailed explanations showing you exactly what you need to do.

(This represents massive value, as this product is included in the price, however is sold separately for £189)

At the same time you will get a personalised private and secure login to Basecamp.com with Miles and Dave

Basecamp is a unique online collaboration tool that we use to give you pre workshop coaching and training.

It allows us to discuss with you each lesson, upload files and share other information and value that is normally only given to our 1-2-1 clients.

Our clients love Basecamp, as they can work with us on the LinkedIn Success Blueprint anywhere and at anytime. All in your own time and your convenience. You can login and out as often as you want and pick up from where we left off.

Pre workshop home work prepares you for your workshop day so you maximise the value of the day. It is particularly focused on developing and building key elements of your Profile

(Click here to receive the Pre workshop program by email) 

The Workshop Day

The day starts at 9am and finishes at 6pm, with breaks.

There is no need to bring a laptop or mobile device as you will have online individual access to your LinkedIn platform

The structure follows the LinkedIn Success Blueprint, which you will have been familiar with in the pre work shop training

Profile Builder

Funnel Builder

Communication Builder

The LinkedIn Sweet spot 

Some of the key topics covered and things you will learn;

Myths, delusions & misconceptions
What LinkedIn can do for you and success stories
Common mistakes, bad practices and dead ends
Targeting criteria for success
How to build the perfect ‘magnet’ profile
How to rank highly on Google for your expertise
Connecting, avoiding gatekeepers & tagging
The rules of engagement and participation
Digital alignment; LinkedIn, website & publishing
Segmenting your connections into ‘funnels’
Targeting and engaging suspects and prospects

Key ‘mandatory’ actions for visibility and amplification
Go-to- recognition

In addition, you will also learn how to continually generate success by mastering the skills it takes to create “The LinkedIn Sweet Spot”.

You will also gain special skills showing you how to create and share content to help you claim the expert space for your sector.

We show you how to implement and manage the LinkedIn Success Blueprint System

Click here to receive the Full Day Program by email 

Post Workshop Support

You will have life time access to the LinkedIn Success Blueprint (an online asset that is updated in line with LinkedIn)

Your individual basecamps will remain open and live for 4 weeks; giving you direct access to the trainers

You become an exclusive member of our quarterly LSB bulletin reserved only for delegates who have attended our workshops, or purchased one of our premium online products.


The one-day workshop represents really value for money, as you get online support from our experts before we even start training!  This is usually reserved for 1-2-1 clients who pay £799 and you also get lifetime access to the online LinkedIn Success Blueprint worth £189!

Payment Options

A place on our one-day Workshops with the opportunity to benefit for this special training course can be yours for just £499


The Scottish government has grants available for this type of training for Scottish residents – find out more here;


Get started or find out more

To get started or you may have some more questions to ask just email miles;

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I look forward to helping you