Discover How You Can Use LinkedIn To Win Clients, Referrals and Go-To Expert Recognition

Do you need clients and a steady steam of referrals?

Would you like to be recognised as the go-to person in your sector?

Are you struggling with Business Development?


You're busy; need a quick and simple fix that is easy to learn and easy to implement?

You have a LinkedIn account but don't know what to do?

You're curious to learn more about LinkedIn and the results it delivers ?

You have probably been told a few misconceptions.....

You are confused, frustrated and disappointed you are not getting results, and you want to know WHY?

SO....before you go any further.... invest  120 seconds and watch this fact based video...give me the chance to put your mind at ease....

LinkedIn myths busted.....

linkedin training mythbustersYou have just discovered in the video some of the key misconceptions.

It is not surprising people are not using this powerful platform to its full effect!

Effective effort, consistency and doing the right things, will reward YOU with prospects, clients, referrals, and go to visibility and status.

I have learnt a great deal about people, business development and taught myself to use LinkedIn with extraordinary success.

The LinkedIn Success Blueprint system has been tested on hundreds of professionals just  like you and I want to share my success.

Miles low resStraight Talking

If you're like me............. I dislike corny spoon feed distressed emotional sales pitches. So my messaging here is simple and factual, no half truths or bull… no poor me…no elaborate sale convincers leaving the cost till the end...hoping I will win you over.. What I will give you.... If you learn the ropes and make an effort, then I can give you something special .... hope and control

LinkedIn is a Free Business Development Tool

Probably the best in the world but you need to learn to use it effectively; So let's get the investment sorted right now… For an investment of £189 you can access life changing training…that unlocks your success.

Look at it this way; you are investing in yourself for starters. In my experience people who take my training calculate one extra client covers their investment.

Also I am CONVINCED you will benefit, so there is a 100% refund guarantee on the table. That is my risk not yours. Either way you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Self de-selection

LinkedIn is all about trust and credibility and I’d rather you did not take this training if you felt otherwise. Also if you are not going to open up, learn and put the system and process into action then you will be wasting your money too, so it’s best not to continue.

    Interested in learning more?

    Ok let’s take the lid of the LinkedIn Success Blueprint and take a closer look....

    It’s easy to buy; go to cart, pay, get a login and you are off.....

    You can learn online in bite size chunks or download lessons and print them off

    The training suits your learning style including screen videos and PDF’s

    It’s easy to learn even with a busy work flow....learn at your own pace

    Beginners welcome. Anyone can master LinkedIn

    It’s easy to implement and get results.

    Invest with total peace of mind with our 'no quibble, money back guarantee'

    It's affordable!

    System overview - at a glance

    • Profile Builder

      How this benefits you:

      You never get a second chance to make a first good impression

      Your profile is currently searchable…….. and it’s most likely being viewed at this very moment

      But does it really reflect well on you and your business?

      Is it optimised to rank high on Google for your expertise?

      Does it encourage professionals to network with you or does it drive them away?

      Is it truly conveying the value of your skills and how you help clients?

      Profile Builder will help you build a great profile which nurturers trust and credibility

      This is the key ingredient of success on LinkedIn

      You will look good online and you will begin to rank highly in search engines for your skills.

    • Funnel Builder

      How this benefits you:

      Create network environments within LinkedIn

      Learn how to segment and develop your network

      Build groups or as we call them Funnels, so you can ‘work’ your connections

      Segment your funnels to further target sub groups with relevance and authenticity

      Discover how to target decision makers and connections you are trying to contact

      Direct LinkedIn to locate targets for you

      Implement a simple connection strategy to guarantee connectivity

      Understand how to manage your connectivity

      Apply the rules of the natural laws of Conversion

      Banish Social Selling from your mind-set

    • Communication Builder

      How this benefits you:

      Discover how to nurture a relationship the LinkedIn Success Blueprint way

      Learn how to maintain a relationships that normally gets lost or falls off your radar screen

      Apply systems and processes to generate attention and engagement

      Apply systems and processes to power up your coverage (amplification)

      Choose between a light or heavy user… or somewhere inbetween

      Track you daily rituals and become self accountable

      Learn how to generate content that is going to get you noticed

      Discover how to repurpose and leverage content

      ROI; measure your performance, accountability and success scorecard

      Keep you focused and accountable

    The Magic

    Put all three elements together and you will enjoy  Clients, Referrals and Go-To Expert status

    What customers say about the LinkedIn Success Blueprint

    Alison Marshall

    A first rate introduction to LinkedIn. It focused on optimising my profile, becoming more visible and growing an effective network. It has opened my eyes to the possibilities of LinkedIn!

    Alison Marshall CCW Legal
    Graeme Paterson

    A comprehensive and effective LinkedIn program! Miles is there to help at every stage of the process with step by step instructions, working examples and helpful tips. The results are amazing!

    Graeme Paterson Streamline Corporate
    John Edwards

    We have had truly great value from Miles, building up my LinkedIn profile on stage 1 of his 2 part ingenious system. He gives brilliant, in depth advice and experience, which is already attracting new leads which we otherwise wouldn’t have found. Just gets better and better!

    John Edwards Maxam
    Simon Besley

    “I have already noticed a massive difference in activity since I’ve started this course :)  I’ve had more connections, views etc – and it can only get better!”

    Simon Besley Newton Print

    Nothing to lose and everything to gain.....

    • There is no costly outlay....a new client is going to cover it
    • Total peace of mind with my 100% money back guarantee
    • It's easy to learn and easy to implement
    • Suits busy people who want more from LinkedIn
    • You can do this and get great results