Why CEOs, and directors  must lead on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most powerful business tool in the world with over 350million members, and it’s still growing. In the UK alone, over 50 per cent of the working population use the platform.

LinkedIn can connect your organisation with potential clients, stakeholders, shareholders and staff- in fact members of the public are looking at your profile just now and are forming an impression about you and your people….do you feel that your profile and those of your people reflect well on your business?

LinkedIn training for CEOs

You are seen as the figure head for your organisation and are highly visible and therefore you must lead by example.  LinkedIn is NOT social media and it is not a fad – it is going to be vital for the future of your business, as it becomes the world’s biggest platform for business publishing, business development, recruitment, training and online networking.

You must embrace it and become a leader on LinkedIn.

What you will learn on this one-day course

You will leave this course with a winning profile that assists with your personal career development and will learn how your seniority can be used to ‘open doors’ for your organisation.

You will gain a full understanding of how to use LinkedIn as a strategic tool to help with business development, thought leadership, talent recruitment and development, internal communication and business publishing.

Leading your business on Linkedin

You will learn how to harness the massive power of this ‘engine of opportunity’ and its massive digital network to deliver on your strategic business objectives to reach and influence prospects, customers, stakeholders and shareholders.

This course delivers solid ROI

Experience has shown us that businesses that have implemented this training course have gained solid ROI. They have;

Reduced costs in business development

Shortened lead times for sales

Increased profits

Reduced costs in recruiting talent

Increased employee engagement

Promoted cultural values to stakeholders

Used LinkedIn as a catalyst for change

Developed online communities

How you will lead your organisation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn training will help you with your personal career and strategic goals but you will also be shown how to unlock the power of LinkedIn for the rest of your organisation by making connections to other senior business leaders.

You will learn how to use LinkedIn as a communications platform – both external and internal –  it is a really good way of letting people know what’s happening.

You need to be seen as a thought leader and we’ll show you how easy it is to do this and become a sector leader.

We will teach you how to empower your team to become LinkedIn champions for your organisation

You will learn how to harness your internal resources to enable you to achieve success on LinkedIn

You will learn how to grow your brand awareness and visibility

Take-homes from this one-day course

LinkedIn strategic planning

Implementation process

Change management

Maintaining success


Performance Indicators

One-Day Course Plan

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Our one-day course also provide unique opportunities for networking with other CEOs, business leaders and senior managers , giving you the chance to work through your challenges with your peers.

Payment Options

Masterclass Training for CEOs costs just £1499


The Scottish Government has grants available for this type of training for Scottish residents; find out more here https://www.ourskillsforce.co.uk/funding-for-skills/flexible-training-opportunities

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