Getting the most from LinkedIn

First of all it’s easy…. if you know how….LinkedIn is an online networking business development platform that is perfect for targeting leads, converting clients, intelligence gathering and building your expert positioning in your chosen specialism, niche or industry sector. LinkedIn allows you to connect and network with millions of users. This can be achieved by a number of engagement practices on LinkedIn.

Ultimately you strengthen relationships, build credibility and trust to a point where you can convert contacts to clients or be seen as the ‘go-to’ expert. Also by being visible; be found and contacted by potential clients.

The best way to maximise LinkedIn is not to think it as Social Media and Social Selling! These two terms will send you down the wrong path.

LinkedIn appeared on the horizon in 2003 before YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, but unfortunately gets categorised as a similar platform, however it is very different indeed and has its own unique etiquette.

LinkedIn is more akin to one very large database in the cloud, and you should look at it as a very versatile online business development tool.

If you use LinkedIn in the same style as you go about day to day networking in a commercial environment you will succeed, however if you treat it like facebook or Twitter you will not get the best from it and will always be out of sync with the professional code it works by.

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What LinkedIn does best

  • LinkedIn is the number one business to business networking and business development site
  • LinkedIn has 17m users in the UK. That is half the UK working population
  • LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than other networking platforms
  • 80% of LinkedIn users are decision makers
  • LinkedIn drives more traffic to your website than anything else
  • No 1 channel to distribute content
  • LinkedIn profiles are searchable by Google; can deliver a page one ranking
  • Learn to leverage LinkedIn and it will produce phenomenal results

Classic results; what LinkedIn will do for you based on our experience

  • Generate ‘new’ business; leads, clients & referrals
  • Accurate intelligence gathering
  • Identification of decision maker
  • Access points to infiltrate organisations
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Visibility as the leader in your sector
  • Visibility as the ‘go to’ company for your products
  • Opportunity to leap ahead of your competitors
  • Rank you high on Google

Business Development potential of LinkedIn

  • Massive Return on Investment sales time invested vs. results is exceptional
  • Locate ideal suspects and prospects in seconds from your desk
  • Research complex organisations for decision makers and access points
  • Build a massive targeted connections in the right sectors at the right level
  • Maintain a network of connections at different levels of engagement
  • Nurture relationships; based on familiarity, trust & credibility
  • LinkedIn updates itself with ‘job moves’; you get notified automatically

…..even more….

  • Rank page one on Google for your expertise, services and products
  • High connections and keyword optimisation has huge benefits
  • Visibility and searchabilty; people looking for you and you being front of mind
  • Publishing (particularly repurposing) content to a wide audience in the targeted sectors

Networks customised & segmented to suit you and your business 

  • Operate, manage and control your own LinkedIn Sales Funnel
  • Intelligence gathering pre sales call meeting
  • Communication platform; allowing multiply contact touches
  • Sales lead times become much shorter
  • Sweats 24/7, 365 days per year
  • It’s Free (Premium upgrade £15 pm)
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All you need is the LinkedIn Success Blueprint to help you 

A unique ‘follow and do’ system goes beyond developing your profile and shows how you can create a very powerful, effective and results-driven business development machine that ‘works’.

You don’t need to be particularly skilled on digital technology to enjoy successes on LinkedIn. With a little bit of guidance and training, you can use LinkedIn as part of your optimal business development and sales strategy.

Its all this and a lot more……….

Tried and tested over a two year period on business people just like you

Simple uncomplicated process for developing new business opportunities

Easy use of the system ‘on the road’ within current workflow

Enhances and works with current optimal sales strategies & tools

Everyone can adopt and apply the system

Measurable and results driven

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