Businesses in the Northern Powerhouse should ‘Linkin’ for success

Businesses of all sizes across the SuperNorth should embrace LinkedIn to help them find clients, get referrals and become the ‘go to’ experts, says business development expert Miles Duncan.

Miles, who co-created the acclaimed LinkedIn Success Blueprint with digital marketing specialist Dave Rattray, are giving access to a free online LinkedIn training course to help business professionals in the Northern Powerhouse to make greater use of the platform.

Miles told SuperNorth that LinkedIn could be a powerful tool for unearthing business opportunities in the region and explained that most business professionals have yet to get to grips with the immense potential offered by the online networking platform.

Miles explained: “More than 50 per cent of the workforce in the Northern Powerhouse are already on LinkedIn and in the UK there are more than 18million business professionals with profiles.

“LinkedIn is an engine for opportunity and is the best tool for businesses to promote their people, skills, products and services. We believe that the friendly, ‘can-do’ attitude of many business professionals in the North means that they are more likely to succeed in online networking and get real world success from using the platform.”

Dave said: “Businesses that learn how to harness the power of LinkedIn will become the key players shaping the future of the Northern Powerhouse. Many people are not aware that they can use the platform to find business opportunities, seek out talent, generate ‘go-to’ expert status and win new clients.”

Miles and Dave are working with SuperNorth to build a LinkedIn community to help foster connectivity between businesses in the Northern Powerhouse.

Miles said: “SuperNorth is actively engaging with LinkedIn, as they can see that it is a powerful tool for connecting businesses in the Northern powerhouse.

“We hope SuperNorth readers take advantage of the free online training course and to get some insight on how to create a winning profile that’s optimised for Google and Linkedin search results.”

He added: “We strongly believe that LinkedIn has a role to play in building on the success of the Northern powerhouse.”

LinkedIn Success has online clients across the world but is expanding workplace training, LinkedIn training workshops and masterclasses throughout the SuperNorth region, including Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle.

To gain access to the free profile booster and book your free place at one of our LinkedIn events visit to sign up.