LinkedIn Success Blueprint: Profile Builder
A 'follow and do' course showing you how to build a winning profile that is optimised for Google and that will help generate more referrals, clients and generate 'go to' expert status.
Module 1 Welcome
Thanks for investing in yourself
Unit 1 Thanks for investing
Unit 2 Terms & Conditions
Unit 3 Course Overview
Unit 4 Course Support
Module 2 LinkedIn can help you achieve more with less
Learn why LinkedIn is a MUST for all business professionals
Unit 1 Do you want to know the secret to sales success?
Unit 2 You can easily master LinkedIn….
Module 3 Profile Builder
Profile Builder: The 12 Steps; an overview of how your profile is structured'
Unit 1 Building and Optimising Your ?LinkedIn Profile for Google
Unit 2 How we will structure your winning profile
Unit 3 Targeting - who do you want to reach?
Unit 4 Switching off profile notifications
Unit 5 Step No 1: Your Name & Background Banner
Unit 6 Step No 2: Your Photo
Unit 7 Step 3: Contact Information
Unit 8 Step No 4: Your Professional Headline
Unit 9 Step 5: Your Summary
Unit 10 Step No 6: Current and Past Experience
Unit 11 Step No 7: Skills
Unit 12 Step No 8: Education
Unit 13 Step No 9: Additional Information and Advice for Contacting
Unit 14 Step 10: Customisation
Unit 15 Step 11: Groups
Unit 16 Step 12: Recommendations
Unit 17 Settings Menu
Module 4 Network Builder: Organisation
Learn the three strategies that will help you to build valuable networks of connections.
There are no units in this module.
Module 5 Bonus materials
Additional info and bonus materials
There are no units in this module.
Module 6 Network Builder: Growing your network
Showing you how to build and manage a network of valuable connections
There are no units in this module.
Module 7 Network Builder: Making connections
Winning ways of getting the connections you want!
There are no units in this module.
Module 8 Relationship Builder
Where you learn how to use LinkedIn to develop trust and credibility - turning your online network into real world sales success.
There are no units in this module.