“The devil is in the details” insists the old maxim and on LinkedIn it is easy to make a small mistake that could have wide reaching repercussions.

Digital tools, such as LinkedIn, can be powerful allies in helping us to reach a wide audience in seconds. However, the down side to being able to influence huge audiences in an instant, is that it is also possible to do massive damage to your trust and credibility in moments.

Your LinkedIn profile is a calling card and stands as an online substitute to make that vital first impression or to reinforce a positive impression after meeting face-to-face, so it is important that it reflects well on you and your business.

Profiles that are incomplete or have sloppy alignment, perhaps with no photograph or scant details, do not reflect well on their owners or the organisations they represent.

There is NO excuse…your LinkedIn profile is searchable both within the platform and on major search engines like Google and people are looking for you or businesses with your skills, products and services right now! What are they going to find? Are they going to be engaged by your profile or will they be driven to your competitors?

Manger management is your responsibility!

Your LinkedIn profile is your responsibility and it is up to you to do your best to ensure that you improve your chances of being found.

Do this now…go to the Advanced search tool…(see the photo below)

Then type in the misspelling of the word manager…”MANGER”…

As you can see, there are over half a million experienced “Mangers” on LinkedIn.

A small mistake, and perhaps not of much consequence other than hindering their chances of making a perfect first impression, but I hope this illustrates the power and pitfalls of your LinkedIn profile.

So, take the time now to check over the devilish details of your own profile…check for any typos and mistakes that could be damaging to your credibility or chances of being found.

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