Sales Team Benefits

Team members will generate more leads, sales and referrals

Build and develop targeted networks rich in suspects and prospects

Team members will achieve high Google rankings based on selected keywords

Capitalise on massive visibility and amplification across a vast audience

Relationships can be nurtured and easily maintained in real time

Much greater control, speed and results in real time

LinkedIn quickly becomes an indispensable cog in the Sales Process

LinkedIn does what CRM systems can’t do

Much shorter sales lead times

Maintain a big advantage over the competition

Massive and measurable ROI

Accelerated Success

LinkedIn training Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee

Businesses and Organisations that like to move quickly and maximise the opportunities that LinkedIn presents can engage with our LinkedIn Success Blueprint in- House accelerated Training Program & Service.

Your Suitability 


Suits all sizes of sales teams and can be customised to work with your structure and team members, along with your sector and specific goals and mission.

We have worked successfully with companies as small as two people – to ones with hundreds of employees.

Training that Suits You


Every business is different and our dynamic in-house training takes that into account.

We understand what you are trying to achieve, what measurable objectives you would like to achieve; then we can advise and implement the perfect training program, tools and measurements to achieve your success.

It’s flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs

LinkedIn Success Blueprint has a number of assets that can be used independently or as combination;

One to one ‘face to face’ training in-house

Group Training in-house

Online Self Serve Training

Online Support and Collaboration

For sales teams and groups, this unique blend of online one to one training supplemented with in-house training sessions; hand-holding and ‘show and do’ coaching sessions, ensures everyone masters the LinkedIn Success Blueprint, and becomes effective and results driven from the outset.

This is a very effective style of training we have developed given our first-hand knowledge of working in corporate environments.

The dual teaching system of ‘face to face’ sessions and online learning ensures everyone gets across the line, fully functional and operational.

All In-house training on the LinkedIn Success Blueprint is supported by a personalised online collaboration tool that is unique to each individual. This is manned 24/7 by the LinkedIn Success Blueprint team.

Learning Styles and Time Pressures

1-2-1 coaching upgrade

Team members often have different learning and aptitude abilities, different availability and time pressures.

Our unique system and learning tools take into account different learning styles and modalities, and are designed to compensate for the busy individual with not a lot of time on their hands.

The LinkedIn Success Blueprint is design to get everyone across the line

Easy to Implement and Use

LinkedIn success tools

Sales teams quickly find they become much more effective at business development within their daily work flow. The LinkedIn Success Blueprint is an easy system to learn, and easy to implement. Its simplicity is one of its most effective components.

Success and engagement is easily measurable.

Lifetime Support & LinkledIn Updates

linkedin training support

All participants of the LinkedIn Success Blueprint in-house training program have access to the LinkedIn Success Blueprint team 24/7 356 days.

LinkedIn is a dynamic platform and has frequent updates. As a LinkedIn Success Blueprint client you will receive automatic updates to keep you ahead of the competition and up to speed with the latest development.

All online learning assets are updated in line with changes to LinkedIn.



Why you MUST learn how to harness the power of LinkedIn?

We have found LinkedIn becomes as indispensable (mandatory) part of a team’s optimal business development strategy, system and processes.

Individuals, team leaders and CEO’s are frustrated they did not talk to us soon

Our Personal Experience

We have been where you have been, we are not trainers that have lived on the outside of the company walls. We have first class business development and sales experience across many challenging sectors. We are here to help you.

What you need to do now:

Two options;

Contact Dave now to discuss your needs and let’s get started

There is no harm (or cost) to finding out more, if anything you will make a great well connected contact, and a very valuable LinkedIn connection. I would be delighted to share my network with you.


Book an Orientation Session: from time to time companies are not sure about LinkedIn, so we have designed a unique orientation session to show case LinkedIn to you and your team the opportunities the LinkedIn Success Blueprint will deliver.

The Orientation Session will help you make an informed decision.