Boot Camps

Two day workshop non residential course

Bootcamp is similar to our full-day workshop, however it expands and drills into much more detail LinkedIn Engagement, Content Planning and Content Production.

Our two-day bootcamp is an intensive high value day learning and implementing the LinkedIn Success Blueprint.

The workshop works through each step of the LinkedIn Success Blueprint program:

Firstly we work through your profile build, we call this LinkedIn Essentials: See blue section of Process Map

We then build on this solid foundation to use LinkedIn as a Business Development tool; this part is your transformation and is called High Performance.

The two-day course teaches students in detail how to market and share content within your LinkedIn strategy and implementation; See Green section of Process Map

This courses teaches and shows you how to develop a plan of content topics you will share, how you are going to write them (resource them) and follow up scripts you could use.

In our experience, this is where it is likely to break down. Many people have problems (barriers) to creating content or obtaining content.

You will develop the following skills;


Repurposing content

Content curation

News jacking

Writing ‘thought leadership’ articles

Suits: Business Development, Sales Teams & Networkers that need to up their game generating clients -maximising ROI, within workflow, results and low investment.

Places are £850

(includes lunch, coffee and tea)

LSB process map